5 Tips on Choosing the Paediatrician for your child
18 Oct

Paediatricians have special training in the health and illnesses of children from birth through adolescence and until they are adults. Most of the paediatricians are well certified.

The choice of an experienced paediatrician for your baby is of utmost importance as it has a direct impact on your child’s healthcare. Great Paediatricians Dr. Bijender Gautam have specialized training to recognize, diagnose and treat children of all age groups be it infants, toddlers, or teens. You need to consider a couple of things at the time of selection of the right Paediatrician. 

The initial first year of the baby is marked with repeated visits to the hospital and this is one of the biggest reasons to choose the right doctor as early. Though you will feel this task to be daunting, with a little research and references from family and friends you will be able to make a wise decision.

This is not all. Some people start looking out for paediatricians right during their last months of pregnancy and this serves to be a great idea. So listed below are a few important factors suggested by Dr. Bijender  Gautam that you need to consider before finalizing a doctor for your child.

Site of Practice

Visits have to be paid to the doctor very regularly during a child’s growing years. It may be for vaccines, regular checkups, or treating common illnesses like cough and cold. Hence the doctors clinic needs to be within a reasonable area of one’s residence. If your paediatrician’s workspace is at a location that does not involve much travel, then it is a great benefit.


Since we need a doctor for our little one so we need to ensure that they are approachable enough and answers our queries in the right spirit. Another important thing is to check on the comfort factor. Make sure the doctor is ready enough to listen and understand all your concerns and is open to discussions.

Qualifications and Affiliations

A paediatrician like Dr. Bijender Gautam who has graduated from a reputed well-ranked Institute is likely to have better knowledge. Experience needs to be counted when considering a child specialist. Moreover, Doctors may be affiliated with various hospitals or health care units. Consideration of the above factors reflects a lot upon the quality of the Doctors that you finalize.

 Child’s Response It is of chief importance to judge a child’s response to a particular medical practitioner’s diagnosis and medicines. As a parent one has to study and understand how well the child is

responding to the medication provided by a particular doctor. The selection of paediatrician and deciding upon changes is a challenge and has to be a well thought over decision. ​

Seek Feedback

It is best to pursue feedback while selecting a paediatrician. Going through reviews over the internet, discussions with parents, suggestions from family & friends may be considered while deciding on a child specialist.

Emergency Handling

A medical expert’s set up to handle medical emergencies needs to be measured. Factors such as a Doctor’s association with the accurate hospitals to treat a child properly in emergencies and sufficient knowledge to handle emergency conditions need special consideration.

Comfortable Environment

There can be instances that may involve spending a good amount of time at the doctor’s clinic. Be sure that it offers a relaxed environment and caters to all your child’s requirements. For example, is there enough waiting space for patients, is it equipped with playing activities to keep your toddler engaged while you wait? Study the general quality and standards of kids’ care at the clinic.

Final Words

Determining a good paediatrician like Dr. Bijender Gautam for your child may be the most vigorous choice you will make. The task may seem daunting. But you must understand that you are not looking for the finest paediatrician, but trying to find the best and most appropriate one for your kid. A paediatrician who may be willing to listen patiently and respond to all your wants and is available when you require him may be best suited for you.

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