How To Care For Your Newborn
20 Oct

Once you get the good news that you are pregnant the clear focus shifts to how you are going to take care of yourself and your child. Furthermore, you start making decisions about how to care for your baby once it comes into this world. One of the most important features is choosing a paediatrician that your child can turn to from birth until adulthood for medical care.

Choosing a talented paediatrician like Dr. Bijender Gautam is important not just for parents but also for child. Having a continuous, trustworthy relationship with your paediatrician will guarantee that your child gets the care and treatment they need through all aspects of their growing years.

When To Finalize a Paediatrician?

So, when is the perfect time to start looking for a paediatrician? Usually, a good time to start searching is between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. This will give you enough time to do a thorough study and not feel rushed to find a doctor that you feel you truly can trust.

You can ask your friends, colleagues, and family members for referrals. Once you decide which doctors sound good it’s time to setup a one-to-one meeting to learn more about their services and techniques.

This is also the time to decide whether a paediatrician like Dr. Bijender Gautam is a good fit for your family and that you feel a positive connection with him. Prepare questions ahead of time and clear all your doubts to make your decision easy.

Once your baby is born they will frequently see a paediatrician within the first few weeks of birth. After that, your newborn will pay a visit to the doctor’s clinic regularly for vaccines, monitoring, and checkups.

These routine checkups are vital, as they allow your paediatrician, Dr. Bijender Gautam, to monitor everything from their hearing and vision to certain health problems. When your baby is born it is common to have a lot of questions.

Your paediatrician isn’t just here to provide your child with thecomplete healthcarebut they can provide you with answers to everything from breastfeeding and bathing to diet and sleep timetables.

Your pediatrician can educate parents, especially new parents, on the dos and don’ts of caring for their newborn.If you are currently pregnant it’s never too soon to find the right paediatrician.

There is a lot of care and work that goes into bringing up a newborn, and your paediatrician is here to help right from the beginning. Some of the topics that your paediatrician may discuss in the first visit are:


Your paediatrician will watch your baby’s feeding habits and make sure that their growth is right on plan. During the first six months of their birth, you’ll feed them formula or breastmilk.


Every baby has different sleep patterns. Most newborns tend to sleep for most of the time during the day when they are born. The timings of their sleep can vary. Some sleep for long hours altogether while there are some who sleep in breaks.

Sleep cycles don’t tend to standardize until your baby is about six months. Specialized Paediatrician Dr. Bijender Gautam recommends that healthy infants should sleep on their backs until they can roll over their own.


Infants do not usually require daily bathing as it dries out the skin. All they need is to get the diaper area cleaned properly.  Instead, it’s recommended to sponge bathe as required.

Umbilical Cord Care:

An infant’s umbilical cord should ultimately dry up and fall off on its own by the time your baby is two weeks old. Until then, make sure to keep the area clean and dry. Small drops of blood are normal when the umbilical cord is expected to fall off. But if you see excess blood or something strange then do not forget to contact your paedetrician.

Final Words

Therefore, choosing out a good pediatrician for your child may be the most important choice you are going to make. The task may seem tiring. But you must understand that you are not looking for the best paediatrician in the whole world but trying to find the most suitable one for your kid.

A good paediatrician is always willing to listen to you and respond to your queries. By making healthcare easier, Dr. Bijender Gautam empowers you to make decisions based on information not just based on personality.

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